City Lash - Eyelash and Eyebrow Enhancer

Use a lash growth treatment to grow longer, fuller lashes.
Are you looking for a product which will grow lashes without side-effects. Several brands can sting and form irritation and redness, not to mention cause unnecessary growth of hair and also discoloration of your skin and eye region!
• Avoid prostaglandins which can cause color changes in your eyes and skin.
• Only use formulas with effective peptides, revitalizing elements and vitamins--these important elements give strength, growth and flexibility
• Apply treatment to brows too! Bigger brows are extremely crucial in the biology of attraction. Brows, like lips, naturally slim over time, therefore full brows scream YOUTH!

Q: What you should know about City Lash? A: If you want fuller, longer and thicker eyelashes, CITY Lash is the solution you’re looking for. This incredible eyelash lengthening formula is safe and proven to work, where every single case study subject exhibited incredible visible results!

Q: How does CITY Lash work?

A: CITY Lash works by stimulating keratin genes at the cellular level, improving the thick-ness and length of every single lash. This procedure enhances the life cycle of each lash, causing it to stay in your lid for a longer time. Simultaneously, new lashes are induced to grow up, resulting in a longer, thicker lash bed that lasts!
Q: How will I observe CITY Lash is working?

A: Do a test! Photograph your lashes before you start using CITY Lash and check your growth. Within as small as 5 4 weeks, you will see fuller, bigger eyelashes. Due to the natural improvement cycle of your eyelashes, it will require about forty days for your old lashes to be changed with new fuller, longer lashes. You will begin to see enhanced results faster on the newer eyelashes but will slowly notice your eyelashes growing fuller and longer.

Q: How soon will I see results?

A: Clinical research has shown about a 25% improvement in length after just two weeks, with as much as a 72% enhance after 42 days. Individual results may vary, but you will begin to see impressive results in less than 40 days.

Q: Can I still use mascara with CITY Lash?

A: Your normal make-up can be used on your eyelashes in combination with CITY Lash and will not impact on the growth process. Wait some minutes for CITY Lash to dry out before applying any of the make-up.

Q: Do I need to apply CITY Lash 2 times a day?

A: No. CITY Lash is made to give maximum results in the shortest time with twice-daily application. If you want to use CITY Lash just once a day, the best results will occur if you use it at night before going to sleep. Make sure and clean off all your make-up and wash the area thoroughly. Apply CITY Lash and let it dry before retiring for the night

Q: How long do I need to use CITY Lash?

A: In as little as 4-6 weeks, you should see awesome results from CITY Lash. Continued use will assist maintain your new longer, thicker eyelashes. Remember, your outcomes will be noticeable as your new lashes grow, so carry on using City Lash and be surprised!

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