Eye Hope Reviews – Does It work?

Philosophy Eye Hope
Eye hope gives you refreshed hope for skin cells around the soft eye area with clinically verified outcomes. In just 6 weeks, 4 out of 5 individuals observed significant improvement in fine lines, dark circles, puffiness and smoothness. This light-weight, multi-functional formula gives you moisturization to the sensitive skin around the eyes, anti-inflammatory advantages that calm and soothe skin, and light diffusing properties to assist brighten skin tone.
Specific cure for puffy, dark, lined, tired eyes eye hope is a great anti aging eye cream that contains advanced components that render wonderful results.

Eye Hope

Eye hope gives you renewed hope for skin around the delicate eye area
• Provides anti-oxidant protection against future damage
• Moisturizes sensitive skin around the eyes
minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
• Reduces puffiness
• Diminishes dark circles

How does it work?
• Antioxidant complex (vitamin c, e, coffee bean and green tea extract): calms the skin and eliminate environmental attack
• Beta glucan: promotes over-all skin health by improving skin's defense system
• Dipalmitoyl hydroxyproline: assists to firm and tone skin
Niacinamide: assists repair the skin's all-natural barrier and help reduce dehydration
• Palmitoyl tripeptide-3: assists you to firm skin and help reduce the presence of wrinkles
• Alpha glucosyl hesperidin: assists build up the presence of darkness and puffiness

1. K . Black: This product really worked well, when I could get the pump to work. There are mornings that no matter how much I prime the pump, it either won't dispense, or a whole glop of product would fly out onto my sink. This is far to expensive to waste like that. If the packaging changed, I would continue using this product, but I won't repurchase until that happens.
Source: amazon.com

2. Brittni: I am giving this 4 stars only because the Philosophy Miracle Worker is a good send. But because of the retinal in the Miracle Worker I found switching back and forward between the two options (about every 2 - 3 months), allows my skin to not grow accustom to treatment, saves some money and still maintains my under eyes. I use this in the morning and before bed because gradually it will lift and brighten your under eyes. Oh, and the price was great which is why I scooped it up on Amazon.com
Source: amazon.com
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